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How did my passion for Interior Design come about?

Pleasure, I am Aadna Barbosa graduated in business administration and soon after graduated in interior design.

Interior design conquered me in a very sudden way, I will tell you how this passion started.

When I was young, living in my parents' house, I always saw my mother, who is an artist, always worried about the decoration of our house. With her good taste, she would choose each piece very well thought out in order to combine and have a balance, not only that, but I saw her constantly changing the layout of the house, because it had to be perfect.

Always she would change the layout until it was just the way she wanted it, and eventually for some time, she would change the colors and fabric of the sofas and armchairs, as well as the perfect combination with the new wallpaper.

I was always involved in this, because I loved helping and being around this world, and without knowing it, I already had a passion planted there. But after graduating in Administration, because it was a tradition of the business family I have, I saw that I was missing a passion in what I do, so I tried other courses in the area of creativity, like Marketing and then Fashion Design, until I finally came to my senses and saw that what was missing was simply something I did during my life when I was younger, which was to follow Interior Design.

In this period it was something fulfilling, and I took it as a hobby above all else, because if you do something you love, that you are passionate about, you tend to make everything very perfect and correct.

Going back a little bit, when I was in business school, I ventured to start my first company, you will ask me if it is interior design and/or decoration, but it wasn't… I started to acquire a passion during some workshops I attended in the aromatherapy area, I started to make liquid and bar soaps and home fresheners. That's when I set up my company in a commercial room to take orders from stores, baptisms, weddings, birthdays... but modestly, it was not a simple bottle with liquid in it. Noooo! I elaborated a whole decoration on the outside of the glass bottle and customized it according to what the client asked for or what the party had as theme or color palette. Not only that, but I took great care to put the initials of the names on metal plates.

It was a lot of work, yes, but I loved it and I dedicated myself completely to it, until the orders were on a large scale and I could no longer respond to the quantity and the college required me on the other side, I had to choose. I decided to close down this ordering business for a while and dedicate myself to selling directly to the customer at handicraft fairs that took place on weekends. There I made something incredible, which was the bar soaps with fruit shapes, candies, and the fragrances to match. The name of the company? Quitanda do Sabonete, there is nothing more perfect than the connection between the name and the product.

The experience was incredible, even though the days before I stayed up until dawn making the soaps and asked my family to help me in this adventure. But it was so worth it!

In this trajectory I can say that I have experienced and gained a lot of knowledge around here.

Well, after these experiences and always with a lot of support from my mother, I decided with her to set up my first store for decoration pieces, with a showcase and everything I was entitled to. Located in a super privileged place.

Now do you remember my first soap and air freshener ordering company that I told you about earlier? I didn't tell you the name, but I had named it Nobre Essência, which name was kept in the store, but I added the Casa and it became Nobre Essência & Casa.

So I went back with my own production of the essences and soaps that have everything to do with home and added the decorative pieces and furniture. Perfect combination!

They were incredible years there, of course everything is not a miracle, but I got a lot of good things out of it, a lot of learning and simultaneously the practice of the store and new contacts in the area that became friends and my teachers in life, I graduated in interior design during this period.

After 5 years in the store, I ventured one more time which was to change country, from Brazil I decided to go to Portugal, I gave everything up and went on this new journey.

In Portugal, I obviously continued with my profession and initially had many opportunities to work in respected companies, which gave me great skills, knowledge in the market area in Portugal and gave me many open doors to explore this new place with my autonomy. And I set up my company Aadna.Design located in Quinta do Lago in the Algarve, the south of Portugal.

I like challenges, to challenge myself, to get from the difficult to abstract the easy, from the "more" to show the point of view of the "less" and vice versa.

My company is dedicated simply in exclusive service and I will consider it modestly 5 stars, because I may not have many years yet in Portugal and I am not so well known, but I consider myself a good professional providing an excellent service to my clients.

I, Aadna Barbosa appreciate to dedicate myself to what I would like to be done with me. Empathy, you know? This is increasingly lacking nowadays, and I continue to always put myself in the other person's place.

So I do that a lot in my work.

With my clients I like to be in the same line of thought, I try to get a transparent and friendly relationship from there.

I work together with my client and not for him. Because if I'm making their house, something there should have their identity, he who will live and coexist every day, not me. And in this sense, I like to have him in the whole development of my work. That is why I rephrased the phrase "working with him and not for him".

I make sure he knows and is present in everything and feels useful in this development.

Besides always seeking to gain his trust, in all the feedback and updates that are important for them to know, transparent communication is one of my pillars that I consider fundamental in my work.

But this will be another topic for our blog....

So here is a little bit about me and my trajectory of why I chose this profession.

Later I will go more into these interior design subjects and other points of view.

Thanks for being here with me!

If new subjects come up, let's put them in practice so we can discuss them here.

Kisses in the heart


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