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Have you ever heard of handmade necklaces to serve as decoration?

The so-called decorative table necklaces?

Originating in Brazil, this piece came from a habit practiced by the oldest relatives, in which they hung on the walls huge rosaries in ceramic or other material in order to be close to the places of prayer in the houses. In this way they served as a reminder of the time to practice prayers, meditation mantras, or prayer.

This was a leverage to transform a typical object into other purposes, such as decorating the house. The table necklace is a piece that enriches the home and brings a natural beauty by being mostly made of natural materials such as, wood, seeds, sisal, natural stone, etc... Often also in acrylic.

We have several ways to use this beautiful piece in decoration, besides enriching the environment, it is a versatile piece.

Therefore, we can place it as the centerpiece of a dining room table, as a decorative piece on a coffee table, or even as a sculpture hanging on the wall.

It can be complemented with other pieces, such as, on a coffee table, placing it on top of a book to give it a certain movement. Or fallen naturally on a shelf. Even decorating a kitchen island.

In short, we have here a wonderful piece, with a lot of history, richness of materials, handcrafted, exclusive, which will leave your home unique and with a lot of personality.

We have an artist who produces these necklaces and we have been able to export them and put these beautiful pieces in our projects.

For more information, values, available parts, please contact us to request the catalog.

+351 939306728

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