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Most clients already get a good idea of ​​the project with our interior design presentation, but many ask us for a more real perspective, to get a better idea of ​​what the final result will look like.

For this, we usually propose an extra element, which are 3D projects.

With this we can render our projects more realistically and the client can see the real texture and lighting.

Interiors -  Exteriors - Buildings - Hotels -  Corporate - Landscaping - Houses

2881451454_CASA 3_130.jpeg
Alt 1_1 (1).jpg
429894062_CASA 4_131.jpeg

we also do this extra element for a corporate, comercial and hotel projects.

There are some styles that we like to specify of 3d projects:

  • 3D with shadows and without textures

  • 3D with textures and colours

  • Rendering or Virtual Realism

  • 3D Drawings 

I have hired Aadna to design a full T4 house. Aadna is a very talented designer who not only met me expectations in terms of translating client requests to beautiful and genuine results but also did so in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend her and hope to use her service in the future

Itai Fridman

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